RAIDO Hetroil


RAIDO Hetroil is transformer oil is a good refined mineral oil with a very big specific resistance. Moreover this is a thin oil, so that the eventually developed heat can quickly be removed by a good circulation. By addition of special additives this oil obtained the following properties:

  • a very good high specific resistance
  • a very good removal of heat
  • a low vapour tension and "tangent delta" value
  • a high breakdown voltage


RAIDO Hetroil is heat-transfer oil is suitable for use as heat-transfer medium in closed circulating type heat-transfer systems, which work with indirect heating and high temperatures (above 100 °C.

Up till 300 °C the system will function without an inert type of gas. When the bulk oil temperature comes between 300 °C and 320 °C there has to be a slight overpressure of an inert type of gas.

Physical Characteristics:

Density at 15 ° C, kg / l: 0,869
Viscosity 40 ° C, mm² / s: 31.31
Viscosity 100 ° C, mm² / s: 5.36
Viscosity index: 104
Flash Point COC, ° C: 224
Pour Point, ° C: -15
Acid number, mg KOH / g: < <0,05