RAIDO DEXRON IV -  a synthetic automatic transmission fluid, based on synthetic base oils, formulated with special friction modifiers to obtain the following properties:

  • a very high and stable viscosity index
  • a very low pour point
  • an excellent stability against oxidation
  • a positive activity against wear, corrosion and foam
  • specific friction properties and consequently low noise and smooth switching
  • compatible with synthetic seals
  • a quick oil provision at cold start conditions
  • without dye




RAIDO DEXRON IV  fluid may be used for automatic transmissions of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It is recommended to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.


Dexron IID/IIE/IIIG/IIIH/T-IV / Type 1A Suffix A

Toyota Type T III and T-IV , MERCON VMayda F1/JWS3317/M-5,P/N XT-9 QMM5/M-III/

Jaso M315,  Type 1A / Nissan Matic С, D and J , Nissan Matic Fluid D/J/K/W Tzpe T-IV

Hyndai and KIA ATF / Mitsubishi SP-II and SP-III , Honda ATF-Z1 (исключая CVT)

Subaru ATF / Isuzu Besco ATF-II, ATF-III / Allison C-4, Jaguar  GLM 20238/20292/21044

MB 236.10/.11/.6/7/.8/.9/91

VAG G-055-025 (А2)/052-055/052-162 (А1,А2)/052-533/052-9990(А2)/055-025(А2)/US 000 162

Volvo 11 61 521/ 11 61 540/ 11 61 640 


Physical Characteristics:

Density at 20° C, kg / l: 0,838
Viscosity 40 ° C, mm² / s: 34,60
Viscosity 100 ° C, mm² / s: 7.01
Viscosity index: 170
Flash Point COC, ° C: 225
Pour Point, ° C: -45