Diesel Additive

Diesel Additive


Fluctuating fuel qualities can affect performance and consumption, and carbon deposits on the fuel injectors can increase fuel consumption. Moreover, pipes and filters can become clogged when there is insufficient protection against cold conditions.

The diesel additive with its real broadband effect solves these problems (whether in summer or winter, the whole year round).

The system cleaner for petrol engines is designed for a single use application and suited for all normal and super petrols.


  • also suitable for bio-diesel
  • better ignition behavior through a higher cetane number up to 12%
  • eases the cold start, improves engine performance
  • cleans the fuel system and the injectors
  • lowers fuel consumption
  • protects against corrosion
  • reduces wear on the engine and nailing of the motor by up to 60%
  • improves the cold start reliability of the engine (also during winter operation!)
  • lowers pollution in the exhaust gas (lowers the CO2-emission), protects the environment
  • relieves the diesel particle filter