RAIDO Transgear S 85W-140


lubricating oil for mechanical transmissions, formulated with high quality solvent refined base oils and special EP-additives to obtain the following properties:

  • excellent resistance against oxidation
  • a very high activity against wear, corrosion and foam
  • a low pour point
  • very good EP-properties


RAIDO Transgear S 85W-140 this gear oil is used in hypoid differentials under very heavy duty conditions and should be used in all transmissions that require EP-transmission oils.





ZF TE-ML 07A/21A

Physical Characteristics:

Density at 15 ° C, kg / l: 0.904
Viscosity 40 ° C, mm² / s: 340.00
Viscosity 100 ° C, mm² / s: 27,00
Viscosity index: 96
Flash Point COC, ° C: 245
Pour Point, ° C: -15