RAIDO Thur HD5 10W-30


RAIDO Thur HD5 10W-30 a "new generation" gasoline- and diesel engine oil, formulated with solvent refined and synthetic base oils and a well-balanced choice of additives. This engine oil has the following properties:

  • a very powerful detergency prevents deposits in the engine
  • a very strong dispersion that prevents from precipitation and sludge
  • a powerful activity against corrosion and foam
  • a high and stable viscosity index
  • a low sulphated ash number
  • a powerful activity against wear resulting in strongly reduced wear of piston-rings and cylinder-liners


RAIDO Thur HD5 10W-30 this engine lubricant is applicable to gasoline and diesel engines (normally- or turbo-aspirated) even under the toughest operation conditions and all the year round. This engine oil has a special additive system and may therefore be used, when fuels with relatively high sulphur contents are involved. This special quality of engine oil is mainly developed to allow extended oil drain intervals and to prevent "bore polishing" (=cylinder-wear) in diesel engines. Also is this product suitable for application in Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines.


Performance level
ACEA A3/B4, E7
Cat ECF-2
Cummins CES 20077/20078
Deutz DQC III-10
Global DHD-1
MAN M 3275-1
MB 228.3
MTU Type 2
Renault VI RLD-2

Physical Characteristics:

Density at 15 ° C, kg / l: 0.871
Viscosity -20 ° C, mPa.s: 6800
Viscosity 40 ° C, mm² / s: 77,10
Viscosity 100 ° C, mm² / s: 11,80
Viscosity index: 147
Flash Point COC, ° C: 224
Pour Point, ° C: -42
Base Number, mg KOH / g: 10,7
Sulfated ash content,%: 1,03