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NDTL GmbH was established in Luebeck, Germany, in 2008, and has become a leading exporter of various lubricant brands supplied to customers from different countries on demand. 

Our longstanding experience in lubricant export deliveries for B2B and B2C segments was a key factor in taking the decision to create a proprietary lubricant brand. In 2014, in Germany the company has registered RAIDO trade mark.  Our objective is to arrange deliveries of a wide range of high-quality lubrication products at very attractive prices, within optimal time through an efficient distribution network.


The brand RAIDO, like the company itself, was established in Northern Germany, on the Baltic sea coast, the birthplace of ancient Germans, Celts, and Vikings. In writing, they used Runes, a system of signs with special denotations. 

The Rune named RAIDO is associated with the golden Raven, whose feathers appear red in the light of the rising Sun.

The Rune denotes motion and progress, Raido is capable of making a journey successful and comfortable, helps to get things moving and achieve a concrete result.


We offer a wide range of industrial lubricants and products for cars and commercial vehicles. RAIDO lubricants meet the requirements of various international standards, such as АРI, АСЕА, JASO, of numerous car producers and construction equipment manufacturers, and have been officially approved by many of them. High quality is guaranteed by production at an industry’s leading facility using both the base oils and additives produced in Europe.


Quality and performance of the products meeting the requirements of equipment producers and ensuring smooth and reliable operation of equipment throughout its lifetime, offered at much more attractive prices that the world’s leading lubricant producers. 


ACEA QUALITY MARK EELQMS LOGO ON RAIDO LABELSAt RAIDO we understand that performance is the only proof of quality. Being a full member of ATIEL, RAIDO assures that products will meet the applicable specifications provided for each of our products. The wide range of RAIDO engine oils features individual formulations that meet and, in some cases, exceed the latest industry and vehicle OEM specifications.

RAIDO tests each batch of oil during the blending process. On-site quality assurance coordinators make certain that product specifications are maintained without exception. To highlight this exceptional quality level, we are proud to say we are granted by ATIEL to carry the EELQMS logo on our labels.

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